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Keith and Julianna at Scioto Reserve Country Club.  A perfect September wedding!  They had so many friends and so much fun.  A day with perfect clouds, a sunset, a very long bridal veil, and Cracker Jacks wedding favors is a good day to me 🙂

Kyle and Kayla’s beautiful wedding at Little Brook Meadows!  Even though there were a few raindrops, their smiles and colorful details kept the day bright.  Sprinkle in some sparklers and glow in the dark party hats and you’ve got an awesome wedding day 🙂

When you get married on the lake, you hope for a sunny blue sky day.  That’s what Shawn and Camie were gifted with…a perfect lake day!  Buckeye Lake was in all it’s glory and everyone had a great time.  We are so happy for Camie and Shawn and their beautiful family 🙂  Wishing them many many more years of beautiful sunsets!


We can’t say enough nice things about Joel and Julie.   They love the outdoors just like we do.   Joel is always looking for a waterfall and we are happy to follow:)

The vineyard at Corazon didn’t disappoint. And when the day ended in a sunset, we couldn’t have been happier.  We hope they continue to adventure all over this beautiful earth and make memories to last a lifetime!!!

When you can’t stop smiling and you can’t take your eyes off of each other.  That was Ryan and Sarah on their wedding day.  It could easily be seen how much they deeply love each other.  They have a genuineness that draws you to them as individuals and as a couple.

We were given blue skies, puffy clouds, and a beautiful sunset to make the day even more wonderful.  SO SO happy to have shared this day with Sarah and Ryan!!!


Steven and Cynthia had a day filled with love, softball memorabilia, and blue skies.  We had a blast on their wedding day!  Their smiles were contagious and I love how they looked at each other.

For some reason, the bubbles didn’t get used at the end of the ceremony.  So at the end of the day, we asked them if they wanted to have their bridal party blow bubbles at them under the evening sky.  Since they are the awesome couple they are, we got a big “YES!”. What a way to end a perfect day 🙂

Much Love to Cynthia and Steven!!!

Ian and Juliana rented a school bus to travel around Columbus on their wedding day.  It was awesome!!!  Their friends piled in and we felt like kids again.

Juliana’s ivory blush dress was glorious and Ian looked dapper in a navy blue suit and an ivory bow tie.  They had bubbles, a school bus, a sunset, and sparklers.  What a beautiful day!