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When two people laugh together and garden together, I think they’ve got something!!  Patrick and Lindsey love working in the yard.  They have a great time just being together.  And she can get him to jump for joy in the middle of Columbus 🙂 I think they are pretty awesome and we will have so much fun on wedding day!

We met Mike and Katie for the first time on the day of their engagement session.  From that moment, I felt like we had known them for years.  Their love for each other is seen instantly and their kind hearts shine bright.

They cuddled in the flowers, cruised around town, and played a little basketball.  A perfect evening!

We are going to have so much fun next year on their wedding day!!!

Laughing makes every day better.  I think Andy and Elizabeth will have tons of great days!

Actors that fell in love.  They took engagement and wedding photos at the outside theater in Schiller Park where they have made many other memories.  They bring out the smiles with each other and all the people that surround them.  Truly a perfect match!

Andy and Elizabeth….Thank you for letting us laugh with you 🙂  You made our days better, too.

I had only talked on the phone with Matt and Melissa before the day of their engagement shoot.  It’s always so nice when you first meet a couple and feel instantly at ease with them.  We had such a nice time on the Scioto Mile and on campus. We just kept finding new places and I am so happy they were up for whatever we found!  Can’t wait for their wedding next year 🙂

Derek and Lauren….It rained a little on their engagement session and they danced under a gazebo while a street performer played until the rain stopped.  It rained a little on their wedding day, things got rearranged, and they never blinked an eye!  I LOVE when couples adapt to whatever they are given and roll with it….all the while smiling and just enjoying the time spent together.  I think it says something about them and how they will deal with whatever life throws at them.  Derek and Lauren have it covered.  Their faces beamed with happiness all wedding day long and I am sure they will keep smiling the biggest smiles as the years go by.

HUGS to you both!



Ryan picked dandelions for Allie.  The sun was golden and the spring flowers were in bloom.  What a lovely evening spent with 2 fun people!!!

Evan and Madison had a beautiful blue sky day on the Scioto Mile for their engagement session.  We found some fresh blooms on the trees and some soft sun flares.  Spring time is just so much fun!!!