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I am going to admit that blogging is not my specialty.  It’s been quite a few months since our last post so I decided to try something new this year and make it a little fun for me.  This year we will be going through recent shoots from weddings, engagements, family, etc.  and finding a theme for each post.  We love that the couples we work with have such variety to their personalities and seem to be so willing to make our job even more adventurous.  For this post, I wanted to share some recent silhouettes from engagement shoots.  Max loves looking for an opportunity to shoot them and now we have a little competition going to see who finds that special light first and which shot we liked better 😉  Although we tend to shoot in similar locations often, we challenge ourselves by trying to look at it from a different angle.  And since we are sunset chasers at heart, we are always hoping the sky will give us a new painting to use as a backdrop.