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Wedding-Matt & Melissa

Matt and Melissa’s big day had more smiles and happy tears than I could count.  A few drops of rain didn’tView full post »

Wedding-Best of Weddings 2018

It’s always a good day when we receive a new review full of sweet words.  We love working with such awesomeView full post »

Wedding-Colin & Heidi

Our first wedding of 2018 sent us to the barn at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick, Oh.  It was a brisk January day but theView full post »

Wedding-Mike & Mahsa

There was no better way to end the 2017 wedding year than with Mike and Mahsa’s intimate Columbus Museum of ArtView full post »

Wedding-Evan & Madison

Evan and Madison had their wedding at Irongate Equestrian Center.  It would call it the first blizzard of the year ANDView full post »

Wedding-Cory & Stephanie

Our first wedding in December and the sun was shining warmly on Cory and Stephanie.  We are always thankful when theView full post »

Wedding-Matt and Lorena

Matt and Lorena had a small intimate wedding at Cheers Chalet.  Red roses, red lips, and red autumn leaves were theView full post »

Wedding-Ryan & Morgan

We made a little trip to northern Ohio to capture Ryan and Morgan’s beautiful day.  I had been waiting for someView full post »

Wedding-Travis & Erin

Sunshine, gorgeous lace, and giant vibrant dahlias filled Travis and Erin’s wedding day!  And we learned 2View full post »

Wedding-Ryan & Allie

This was the first time we shot a wedding in Goodale Park.  I think if you could order perfect weather for an outdoorView full post »

Wedding-Ben and Susie

Ben and Susie’s wedding at Brookshire.  What a beautiful way to start October!!  Perfect weather, sparklers, andView full post »

Wedding-Patrick & Lindsey

Patrick and Lindsey’s September wedding at Bryn Mawr Mansion.   Blue skies and lots of happy tears 🙂  It was ourView full post »

Wedding-Keith & Julianna

Keith and Julianna at Scioto Reserve Country Club.  A perfect September wedding!  They had so many friends and so muchView full post »

Wedding-Kyle & Kayla

Kyle and Kayla’s beautiful wedding at Little Brook Meadows!  Even though there were a few raindrops, their smilesView full post »

Wedding-Shawn & Camie

When you get married on the lake, you hope for a sunny blue sky day.  That’s what Shawn and Camie were giftedView full post »

Wedding-Joel & Julie

We can’t say enough nice things about Joel and Julie.   They love the outdoors just like we do.   Joel is alwaysView full post »

Wedding-Ryan & Sarah

When you can’t stop smiling and you can’t take your eyes off of each other.  That was Ryan and Sarah onView full post »

Wedding-Steven & Cynthia

Steven and Cynthia had a day filled with love, softball memorabilia, and blue skies.  We had a blast on their weddingView full post »

Wedding-Ian & Juliana

Ian and Juliana rented a school bus to travel around Columbus on their wedding day.  It was awesome!!!  Their friendsView full post »

Wedding-Andy & Elizabeth

Laughing makes every day better.  I think Andy and Elizabeth will have tons of great days! Actors that fell in love.View full post »

Wedding-Derek & Lauren

Derek and Lauren….It rained a little on their engagement session and they danced under a gazebo while a streetView full post »

Wedding-Andy & Missy

I couldn’t have felt more privileged to be asked to photograph Andy and Missy’s intimate wedding ceremonyView full post »

Wedding-Jason & Hannah

I love a winter wedding!  Sooo happy for Hannah and Jason and thankful they let us share their special day with themView full post »

Wedding-Matt & Nancy

Matt and Nancy…They ended the year and started a new one perfectly in love.  12.31.16View full post »

Wedding-Brian & Lauren

Brian and Lauren…Snow, Fog, Sparklers, and Fun!!!View full post »

Wedding-Ryan & Meredith

Ryan & Meredith…Eloping in the hills:)View full post »

Wedding-Tim & Alyssa

Tim & Alyssa…Sun flares and bonfires in the woods!View full post »

Wedding-Eric & Stephanie

Eric and Stephanie…Genuine sweetness and so much FUN!!    View full post »

Wedding-Tom & Kristyn

Tom & Kristyn…Autumn leaves and lots of giggles 🙂View full post »

Wedding-Ryan & Jennifer

Ryan and Jennifer…Smiles and Happy Dancing!View full post »

Wedding-Rhett & Nicole

Rhett & Nicole…Windy beaches, blue skies, and a walk in the sunset 🙂View full post »

Wedding-David & Kelsey

David and Kelsey…A little rain never hurt anybody, right?!View full post »

Wedding-Mitch & Alyssa

Mitch and Alyssa…Sunflares, Flowers, and Sweetness!!View full post »

Wedding-Stuart & Jenna

Stuart and Jenna…Sunshine, Storms, and Sunsets!!!View full post »

Wedding-Sam & Jessica

Sam and Jessica…all the smiles and all the heart eyes. Totally Sweet!View full post »

Wedding-Tim & Anna

I love when a bride and groom smile ALL  day…and that’s exactly what Anna and Tim did!  They truly enjoyedView full post »