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Road Trip- Out West- Part 1

Our recent photography road trip took us all the way to the Washington coast.  I literally fell in love with theseView full post »

Road Trip. LA to San Francisco

I have been waiting a long time to do this road trip up the west coast.  This past week we did it, taking Highway 1 allView full post »

Jones Sodas and your pictures

One of Jaz’s requests for her grad party was personalized Jones Sodas.  What a cool way to display your favoriteView full post »

Personal-The Beach & Wild Horses

A couple weeks ago our friends asked us to come with them to Outer Banks, N.C. for vacation.  Our schedule only allowedView full post »

Personal-Iphone Pics

In my personal life, I’ve decided that sometimes I need to lay the big cameras down for a moment and just enjoyView full post »

Personal-Being 16

You are only 16 once.  Why not have a funky fun photo shoot in downtown Columbus?  That’s what we did.  The BookView full post »

Personal-Grillin’ on a Thursday afternoon

I am thankful for my early morning shoot in Athens today.    Just looking at the sky on the drive to and from wasView full post »

Personal-Nascar…Kentucky Speedway

Finally….we got to a Nascar Race!  Kentucky Speedway–last weekend.  We didn’t just drive 3 hours toView full post »

Featured-The Wedding Channel

Got some great news this week!  One of our  weddings is now featured on The Wedding Channel!  It is Michael andView full post »

Coming Soon….NEW BLOG SITE

I am waiting for my new blog site to activate so I can show some of the beautiful weddings I have been involved withView full post »

Personal-Bon Jovi Concert

So it’s been a pretty fun few weeks. I got to see Rick Springfield with my friend, Gina, last month. This weekView full post »


I have had lots of different photo shoots in the last couple weeks. But something else has had me extraView full post »

Personal- A new lens & a jar of buttons

In anticipation of the spring/summer photography season, I made a list of must-haves. Like a new camera case and a newView full post »

NEW WEBSITE & Donut Burgers

I am so excited! We have been working on the new website for a couple months now. Jazmin listened to all my ideas,View full post »

Personal-Hot Ginger Soup

I am a Foodie. Now that doesn’t mean I love to cook, but I do love to eat. I love different food, spicy food,View full post »

Personal-Monday Morning & Bon Jovi

So it’s Monday morning. 6:00 a.m. I check my phone for email. What do I see?? From 106.7……..WINView full post »

Published-The Knot Magazine

Excited! Thrilled! Happy 🙂 I was all those words above when I received an email from The Knot saying they wanted toView full post »

Personal-Why I do what I do

So many reasons why I love photography. It makes me happy to make other people happy. I realize that my world isView full post »

Personal- Persimmons and Frosty Leaves

So I guess winter is coming. I saw all these frosty leaves in my yard a couple days ago. Kind of cool, but none theView full post »

Personal-Busy is good

Busy is an understatement for me these days. I barely have time to make my Decaf Skinny Vanilla Latte in the morning,View full post »

Personal-Shopping Therapy

This may be the most random post ever from me. I think this thyroid problem is making me sillier than even before.View full post »

Personal-A "Switch it up" Day

In anticipation of a 2 wedding weekend, I thought I would schedule a “Switch it Up” Day. It is hard to sayView full post »

Personal-Cage Free Eggs & Pills

So this week has given me lots to think about. I have been feeling a little rough around the edges lately and a littleView full post »


AWWW…what the rain can do…… This was the view from the porch last night.View full post »

Personal-5th grade

Today was different. My little friend, Madison, asked me to speak to her 5th grade gales class. She had a projectView full post »

Personal-It’s Monday Morning

I am a morning person. Always have been. In the book of perfect mornings, this one rated right up there. My morningView full post »

Photo Contest-Shoot the Hills

What a fun weekend! This past weekend was the annual Shoot the Hills photo contest in the Hocking Hills. It givesView full post »

Tax Time and Twizzlers

I seem to have been a little blog break. Not by choice. Let’s blame it on computer issues and tax time. I haveView full post »

Personal-Sheep, Kids, and Slate Run Park

My friend, Shelley, suggested a day at Slate Run. I didn’t know how well this was going to go over with a bunchView full post »

Personal-Save Bob the Groundhog

I have lots of fun photo shoots to blog about right now, but my computer is in the process of making my life a littleView full post »

Personal-Road Trip

So I guess this is how a girls road trip goes for me. Icees and ,well, the fruit topping…that is just theView full post »

Personal-Road Trip

What do 30 ‘something’ year old chics take on a road trip? Looks like some tootsie pops, dixie chicks,View full post »

Personal-Blue Skys

I NEED the sun!! and I am so thankful for the blue sky today. It made me so happy, I just HAD to stick my feet outView full post »

A girls weekend

February is my wedding-off season. This weekend Jazmin and I decided to fill it with a marathon of Gilmore Girls,View full post »

My Kid- YouTube video

My FAB daughter is a great photographer AND she is in a band. The band has many names….maybe someday they willView full post »

Old Cameras

No, this isn’t an ebay post 🙂 In going through some ideas about the new website, I decided to photograph someView full post »