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I love when a bride and groom smile ALL  day…and that’s exactly what Anna and Tim did!  They truly enjoyed their day from beginning to end.  Even family photos were kept loose with a hint of silly:)  That’s makes it even more fun for everyone.  And I have to mention the guys socks…Yes…they were awesome. We are so thankful they had us spend the day with them!

The ceremony was the Newman Center and the reception at The Loft at Dock 580.  The laughed, danced, and had the time of their lives.

Congrats Anna and Tim!  Couldn’t be happier for you!!!

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Tender. Sweet. Emotional. and sooo much Fun!  Matt and Angela’s wedding was all that and more. Angela’s first look with Matt was the sweetest!!! Delilah, the dog, was happy to hang out with the gang all day.  And let’s not forget that Matt is a professional skydiver so all his comrades did a special wedding dive for them.  That was a first for us:)

The ceremony and reception were held at IronGate Equestrian Center.

We couldn’t be happier for Matt and Angela and thankful they let us share their big day with them!

m-and-a-1 m-and-a-2 m-and-a-3 m-and-a-4 m-and-a-5 m-and-a-6 m-and-a-7 m-and-a-8 m-and-a-9 m-and-a-10 m-and-a-11 m-and-a-12 m-and-a-13 m-and-a-14 m-and-a-15 m-and-a-16 m-and-a-17 m-and-a-18 m-and-a-19 m-and-a-20

We traveled to Orrville, Ohio to The Barn at the Meadows for Zack and Laura’s wedding.  It was sooo worth the trip!  What a fun-tastic BEAUTIFUL day filled with sunflowers and LOVE!

The ceremony was outside under the trees and the reception inside the barn.  Family and friends had a very relaxed time playing corn toss and munching on flavored popcorn.  The lights in the barn twinkled as they danced the night away.  And it all came to a conclusion with a beautiful sparkler exit.  What a great day!

Congrats Laura and Zack!  Thanks so much for letting us share this day with you:)

z-and-l-1 z-and-l-2 z-and-l-3 z-and-l-4 z-and-l-5 z-and-l-6 z-and-l-7 z-and-l-8 z-and-l-9 z-and-l-10 z-and-l-11 z-and-l-12 z-and-l-13 z-and-l-14 z-and-l-15

Anytime I see a couple that loves their dog as much as I love mine, I am happy:) Eric and Stephanie were so much fun!  They endured the summer heat and the mosquitos and just kept smiling the whole time.  Loved it!  Looking forward to their wedding coming up soon!!!


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Franklin Park Conservatory was the setting for Tim and Olivia’s beautiful summer wedding.  Pink and gold sparkled everywhere.  The first dance was outside in the bride’s garden while the sun was setting and the partied continued late into the evening, complete with handstand contests and a sparkler send-off:)

We loved working with you, Olivia and Tim! Thanks for an awesome day!!

Tim and Olivia 1 Tim and Olivia 2 Tim and Olivia 3 Tim and Olivia 4 Tim and Olivia 5 Tim and Olivia 6 Tim and Olivia 7 Tim and Olivia 8 Tim and Olivia 9 Tim and Olivia 10 Tim and Olivia 11 Tim and Olivia 12 Tim and Olivia 13



Josh and Brandi had a warm June day for their wedding at Duck Creek.  The sky was blue and the clouds were puffy.  Duck Creek is such a beautiful setting for anyone desiring an nice country wedding.  Josh’s expressions when we first saw Brandi were priceless!  Everyone partied and had a good ole’ time:)

Congrats, Josh and Brandi!!!

Josh and Brandi 1 Josh and Brandi 2 Josh and Brandi 3 Josh and Brandi 4 Josh and Brandi 5 Josh and Brandi 6 Josh and Brandi 7 Josh and Brandi 8 Josh and Brandi 9 Josh and Brandi 10 Josh and Brandi 11 Josh and Brandi 12 Josh and Brandi 13 Josh and Brandi 14 Josh and Brandi 15 Josh and Brandi 16 Josh and Brandi 17


Kevin and Christine had a backyard wedding and it was gorgeous!  The rain dropped in and out all day but didn’t stop any of our fun.  And Karma the pup partied all day!

Bontanica 215 did an awesome job with the floral arrangements.  Vibrant colors of orange and shades of pink and greens made everything look so modern.  Summer was in full bloom.

We are so happy we could photograph these memories for them.  I even got to dance so everything was perfect:)

Congrats to Kevin and Christine!


kevin and Christine 1 kevin and Christine 2 kevin and Christine 3 kevin and Christine 4 kevin and Christine 5 kevin and Christine 6 kevin and Christine 7 kevin and Christine 8 kevin and Christine 9 kevin and Christine 10 kevin and Christine 11 kevin and Christine 12 kevin and Christine 13 kevin and Christine 14 kevin and Christine 15 kevin and Christine 16 kevin and Christine 17