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It thundered, it rained, and it was AWESOME!  You know how some people can just laugh and roll with the punches??…well that’s what Derek and Lauren did for their engagement shoot.  We improvised and discovered new ways to photograph in familiar locations.  I love that!

So looking forward to their wedding next year:)

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A couple days before Sarah and Ryan’s engagement pictures, I got attacked by yellow jackets.  So needless to say, I was living on Benadryl for the day of their shoot.  They kindly put up with my foggy brain and just laughed it off:)

So happy to be shooting their wedding next year! I know we will have a blast!!

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I needed a cute couple to pose in this beautiful yellow field and Rhett and Nicole volunteered:) Since they were technically engaged when we shot the yellow field photos in the spring, we did another session later in the year.  A little “Notebook” inspired shoot in the hills.  That was quite fun!!

Can’t wait to blog their beach wedding photos soon!

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I had such a fun time with Nick and Lindsey!  We couldn’t have asked for a better day to take some photos in downtown Columbus.  The flowers, the puddles, and a sun glow.  Great day!!

Lindsey and Nick…Congrats and have a wonderful wedding:) sneak-peek-3:)

sneak-peek-1 sneak-peek-2

I love when a bride and groom smile ALL  day…and that’s exactly what Anna and Tim did!  They truly enjoyed their day from beginning to end.  Even family photos were kept loose with a hint of silly:)  That’s makes it even more fun for everyone.  And I have to mention the guys socks…Yes…they were awesome. We are so thankful they had us spend the day with them!

The ceremony was the Newman Center and the reception at The Loft at Dock 580.  The laughed, danced, and had the time of their lives.

Congrats Anna and Tim!  Couldn’t be happier for you!!!

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Tender. Sweet. Emotional. and sooo much Fun!  Matt and Angela’s wedding was all that and more. Angela’s first look with Matt was the sweetest!!! Delilah, the dog, was happy to hang out with the gang all day.  And let’s not forget that Matt is a professional skydiver so all his comrades did a special wedding dive for them.  That was a first for us:)

The ceremony and reception were held at IronGate Equestrian Center.

We couldn’t be happier for Matt and Angela and thankful they let us share their big day with them!

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We traveled to Orrville, Ohio to The Barn at the Meadows for Zack and Laura’s wedding.  It was sooo worth the trip!  What a fun-tastic BEAUTIFUL day filled with sunflowers and LOVE!

The ceremony was outside under the trees and the reception inside the barn.  Family and friends had a very relaxed time playing corn toss and munching on flavored popcorn.  The lights in the barn twinkled as they danced the night away.  And it all came to a conclusion with a beautiful sparkler exit.  What a great day!

Congrats Laura and Zack!  Thanks so much for letting us share this day with you:)

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